It is with sincere sympathies are sent to you from the Lake Central Education Foundation Board.  Words do not really express this type of loss.

The Board voted on March 14, 2018 to honor Dan Runyan, husband, father, brother, teacher, coach, and friend, by naming their summer Grant Round 48

“The Dan Runyan STEM Grant Round 48”.  Since Dan was a science teacher and involved in the Grimmer Science Olympiad team, it seemed fitting to request grant applicants write their grants with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

With Respect,

The Lake Central Education Foundation Board Members

Susan Schweitzer

Louise Tallent

Melody Wolff

Sharon Cornwell

Mike Seljan

Julie Rosenwinkel

Martha Sandoval

Janice Malchow

Larry Veracco

Shelley Pitchford

Rhonda Basham

Chanel Billmeyer

Jorge Gutierrezii

Laura Huisman

Adrienne Jimenez

Caleb Johnson

Cindi Rucinski

Joanna Erickson

Tara Rosenwinkel

Garron Pitchford