The primary function of the Lake Central Education Foundation is to provide grants for educational activities in the Lake Central School Corporation.  The grants-in-action below show true innovation and demonstrate their positive impact on the school community.

Students, Selections, and Further Reading

Jeff Emond – Clark Middle School

Round 57 – Spring 2022 

Exposure to literature selected by other students, or inspired by interesting topics, will help create lifelong readers.  When they see themselves and their interests in books, they feel prepared to step into more challenging reading.  Pictured are Mr. Edmond’s first hour students holding their favorite new titles from the grant.  These are books they are already reading or might like to read.  Students said, “It’s great to have some new and in-demand titles available such as Alan Grants’ Two Degrees.”  Mr.  Edmond commented, “It’s also nice to have new book tie-in stories that connect to popular series (Star Wars: The High Republic Manga) and anime (My Neighbor Totoro).  This has helped to keep the books moving off the shelves.”

Cooperative Learning Literature Circles

Tracey Caposey – 2nd Grade Watson

Round 56 – Spring 2022

The goal of Cooperative Learning Literature Circles is for all students in a second grade classroom to be exposed to and read the I CAN READ book series at differentiated reading levels.  Also, students will grow as Literature Circles group members working together to discuss books in depth with each other while using reading strategies to grow as stronger readers.

Project Lit

Laurie Rosine – 7th & 8th Grade Clark

Round 56 – Spring 2022

Project LIT is made up of 7th and 8th graders who gather together twice a month to read and discuss great books. During this school year, members participated in fun activities such as a Murder Mystery Dinner and cooking classes.  More importantly, members collectively read 21 novels, placing them into teachers’ classrooms afterward.  Over 160 books have been donated to classrooms thus far for all of our students to enjoy.  Members have become Book Ambassadors, sharing their love of reading with others.

Go After Your Goals

Elizabeth Schultz – PE Homan

Round 55 – Spring 2022

The mini grant that allowed Elizabeth to purchase brand new soccer goals and new soccer balls for her K-4 soccer unit at Homan Elementary. During the three-week unit before the winter break, the students were thrilled to use the new equipment, and we truly did appreciate its durability!

Elementary Resistance Band Workout

Ashley Kostelink – Peifer & Watson

Round 54 – Spring 2021

Creating confidence through an elementary resistance-band workout emphasizing (a) improvement of muscular strength and endurance, while (b) learning to control the weight of the body with proper technique, and (c) making resistance training fun.

Tracy Chandler – Clark

Positive Movement Pathways

Round 54 – Spring 2021

The Sensory Pathways were placed in several hallways and on several walls in the building and in a classroom.  Students who need movement breaks typically visit a sensory path during a walk around the building.

Mentor Texts

Round 54 – Spring 2021

Alison is reading After The Fall How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again to her students. After reading the the mentor text, students then wrote in their readers response journals.

Build a BOT

Jennifer Zollman – Watson

Round 51 – Fall 2019

Students are employing STEM, cooperatively using problem solving strategies to design and construct a variety of devices.

Party in the Park

The Uni Experience

Round 56

Anywhere the Uni is deployed instantly becomes an opportunity – an opportunity for children, families and community members of all ages to expand the culture of learning beyond walls and into open spaces.

Leveled Readers for Independent Reading

Caryn Cruz – 1st Grade Bibich

Round 51 Fall 2019

Students are reading a variety of high-interest books at their independent reading levels.

Growing Independence/Harvesting Initiative

Lynn Keraga – TAP (Transition to Adulthood Program)

Round 51 – Fall 2019

The addition of the Tower Garden Growing System to TAP will encourage discovery and critical thinking by providing the healthy essentials to teach health, wellbeing, independence, job skills and the environment with state accredited curriculum.

Coding with Cue

Clark Middle – School 6th Grade Science

Round 51 Fall 2019

Coding with Cue robots allows students to code robots using a series of tasks to be completed while working in cooperative groups and solving problems to engage in 21st century learning.

Holocaust Lit Circles

Allison Castle – Clark Middle School 8th Adv. English

Round 51 Fall 2019

Click here to view  Book Club by Sabrina Lodise, Arianna Nash, Olivia Enyeart.

Lockbox Science Challenge

Julie Shupryt – Lake Central High School

Round 50

Freshman Biology students are utilizing information learned in class to perform a lock box activity to practice their skills with information about the processes involved with DNA, RNA, and protein by breaking codes.

Making Game Time, Brain Time

Christina Perez – Bibich Elementary School

Round 49 – Fall 2018

Puzzlets, along with Dash the Robot, is an interactive, hands-on gaming system that is used to focus on coding to build developmental, digital, and intrinsic skills.

Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Project

Kimberly Kwiecinski – Kahler

Round 46 – Fall 2017

For the Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Paper Project, 7th grade students at Kahler Middle School applied their knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians and their language by creating their own paper from papyrus reeds and sent messages to one another by using the Egyptian written language of hieroglyphics.

Superhero Training: Yoga and Mindfulness

Tina Dubrock – Protsman Kindergarten

Round 46 – Fall 2017

Superhero Training is improving students’ listening skills, increasing their confidence and positive emotions, teaching them how to respond rather than react, and promoting posture, motor skills, and balance.

Animal Research

Mickey Solfo – Peifer Second Grade

Round 45 – Spring 2016

Students will read animal books at their reading level and complete a research report based on their animal of interest to present to their peers.


Jennifer Zollman – Kahler Science – 2017

Round 45 – Spring 2017

Students are employing STEM, cooperatively using problem solving strategies to design and construct a variety of devices, use their knowledge of the sciences to run labs and answer questions pertaining to different fields of science.

Headphones for iPads

Christina Perez – Bibich Elementary

Round 35 – Fall 2013

Students are using headphones to maximize the effectiveness and functionality of these valuable learning tools.

Unique Learning

Lesil Heinrikson – Homan Elementary School

Round 37 – Fall 2014

This project allows students to interact with materials relevant to today’s world utilizing the visual support that students with autism require to be successful.

Science Mania

Jennifer Zollman – Kahler Science

Round 42 – Spring 2016

Students are employing STEM, cooperatively using problem solving strategies to design and construct a variety of devices, use their knowledge of the sciences to run labs and answer questions pertaining to different fields of science.

Get Hooked on Crochet!

Clark Middle School

Round 36 – Spring 2014

Students will learn how to crochet hats and headbands that will bring joy to children with cancer.

FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics

Lake Central

Round 32 – Spring 2018

FIRST Tech Challenge draws students from diverse educational backgrounds in science, technology, vocational arts, and business to develop a robot to completion.