Here is a breakdown of grant rounds 11 – 20 recipients.

“Rookie Round”

Number of Grants Funded: 12 – Amount: $4,940

Cumulative Grants Funded: 115 – Cumulative Amount: $66,047

Civil War Day (Sandra Ely, Tina Garcia, Anita Griffin, and Shannon Janes, Peifer, $325) Fifth grade students reenact the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Crossroads Connection for Reading Success (Jan Puller, Kolling, $500) – High-risk first grade students gain reading skills and strategies.

Electronic Portfolios (Maureen Yaeger, LCHS, $495) – Art students develop electronic portfolios on CDs.

Fifth Grade Writing and Technology Project (Karen Finley, Kris Johnson, Dawn Toms, and Ann Ziernkiewicz, Homan, $500) – Fifth graders use portable word processors to develop meaningful written pieces at home.

Literacy Groups (Christina Triveline, Bibich, $450) – Literacy groups are established in a first grade classroom to address specific areas of need within the class.

Memorial Wall (Annette DeRolf, Peifer, $225) – A patriotic wall is painted by student council members for the school’s outdoor education area.

Multicultural Cinderella (Pat Biancardi, Homan, $360) Third grade students explore twenty-five different cultures through Cinderella stories.

Postcard Geography (Mari-Jo Olenik, Watson, $135) – Fourth grade students interact with other students across the globe through a postcard exchange program.

Reader’s Club (Sharon Orr and Lindsey Tucker – Bibich, $500) – Accelerated Reader, a computerized evaluation tool, encourages first graders to read more books and increase comprehension skills.

Reading An Interesting Activity (Mary Jo Smith, Watson, $500) – First grade students become actively engaged in reading by matching reading materials to students’ interests.

The Reading/Writing Connection – A Balanced Literacy Approach (Justine Kasch, Watson, $450) – Learning centers in this first grade classroom provide opportunities for students to improve their language arts and reading skills.

Straw Bridge Project $500.00 (Ray Lentz, LCHS, $500)- Ninth grade students build straw bridges to explore structural engineering principles.

Number of Grants Funded: 13 – Amount: $11,045

Cumulative Grants Funded: 128 – Cumulative Amount: $77,09

Achieving the Standards (Karen Kinney, Bibich, $715) Kindergarten students use “hands on” alphabet centers, read books that emphasize word families, and watch videos that target specific standards.

Book of Kells (Lore Schechner, Debbie Fenters, Letitia Gustas, Maryann Ott, Karen Gross, and Cheryl Geras, Grimmer, $500) Each sixth grader creates a Book of Kells as a way to explore writing during the Middle Ages.

Explore-A-Packs (Kelly Dobias and Alison Gercken, Peifer, $1240) Kindergarteners use homework backpacks with language arts, math, science, and social studies activities.

Flying Polygons (Lore Schechner, Debbie Fenters, Cheryl Geras, Karen Gross, Letitia Gustas, and Maryann Ott, Grimmer, $185) Sixth grade students create polygons using only craft sticks, test their creations, and compete in an aerodynamic contest.

Inspiring to Write (Dawn Toms, Homan, $1200) Inspiration software encourages fourth and fifth grade students to use a variety of writing strategies: brainstorming, planning, outlining, diagramming, concept mapping, webbing, and much more.

Kids and Parents Reading Together (Mary Jo Smith and Donelle Extin, Watson, $1080) First grade students use baskets of books as well as take-home book bags which encourage parents and children to become active readers.

Kidspiration Writing Lab (Jamie Cole and Pat Biancardi, Homan, $1200) Second and third graders create newsletters, character maps, school year timelines, family trees, science exhibits, and much more using Kidspiration software.

Living Literature Publication Project (Lisa Schilling, LCHS, $750) Eleventh graders create, revise, and publish products correlating to literature.

Mastering Mathematics Through Technology (Mari-Jo Olenik, Watson, $560) Motivational CD-ROM programs allow fourth graders to work with fractions, graphs, measurement, and geometry through real-life, interactive activities.

Reading: More Fun Than Recess (Judy Toczek, Watson, $835) Accelerated Reader titles are added to the Watson library.

Sculpting the Writing Process (Letitia Gustas, Debbie Fenters, Maryann Ott, Karen Gross, Cheryl Geras, and Lore Schechner, Grimmer, $335) Sixth grade students create a pencil holder and compare the process to the steps a writer takes.

Tech Ed Phase III (Dan Stout, Grimmer, $1300) A flexible, up-to-date technology education facility provides eight student stations.

Young Engineer’s Club (Jan Puller, Kolling, $1145) Third and fourth grade students use motorized Legos to explore simple and complex machines.

Number of Grants Funded: 11 – Amount: $3,265

Cumulative Grants Funded: 136 – Cumulative Amount: $80,357

Bulldog Readers (Angie Milcarek, Bibich, $460) – Students in the special education program receive alternative language arts curriculum.

Disk-o-Disks (Emily Maurek, Bibich, $320) In a simulation of the music business world, fifth grade students engage in the design and promotion of a CD.

Historical One Room School (Dave Andrews, Schererville Historical Society, $500) McGuffey Readers, slates, teacher resource materials, period games, equipment and supplies are purchased for the historical St. John School. Each fourth grade class in the district visits the school for a simulated 19th century school day.

International! (Brenda Kovich, Watson, $175) Fourth grade students simulate a trip to a foreign country and use a computer-based simulation to learn about the countries of the world.

Just the Facts: Accelerated Reader Quizzes for Nonfiction Books (Barbara Kovach, Kahler, $325) Kahler adds 110 non-fiction titles to its AR program.

Literature Circles: Building Excitement for Books (Susan Schweitzer, Grimmer, $500) Seventh and eighth grade students work in literature circles to discuss various works.

The Love to Learn Book Club (Dawn Toms, Homan, $500) First graders respond to books they’ve read by writing sequels, alternative endings, and letters about the characters; creating KWL charts, book reviews, poems, and songs.

Reader to Writer Club (Janice Malchow, Bibich, $485) This club allows first grade students to reinforce, remediate, and enrich their language arts skills while participating in the Accelerated Reader program.

Number of Grants Funded: 17 – Amount: $9,200

Cumulative Grants Funded: 153 – Cumulative Amount:  $89,557

Bound for Books (Chris Mikuly, Watson, $450) Second graders use Four Blocks: guided reading, self-selected reading, writing, and working with words.

Extending Student Literacy Project (Diane Richardson, Kathi Tucker, Cindy Sweeney, and Lynne Kasperan, Homan, $425) Kindergarten students take home backpacks that promote literacy.

First Grade Puppet Theater (Julie Ason, Protsman, $350) First graders read and perform various thematic plays using published and original works.

Journey on the Phantom Tollbooth (Silvana Morgan, Cindy Walsh, Diane Clapperton, Lynne O’Brien, and Mary Lou Sarkey, Protsman, $1000) Fifth grade students use The Phantom Tollbooth as a year-long theme.

Junior Journalism (Julie Moore, Watson, $390) Fifth graders produce their own monthly newspaper.

Literacy Circles: Continuing the Reading Challenge (Susan Schweitzer and Sandra Karottki, Grimmer, $500) Seventh and eighth grade students use literacy circles to explore contemporary works.

No Book Left Behind (Edith Blush, Kolling, $440) Third graders take home thematic literacy packs including books, games, activities, audio materials, and websites.

The Quigley Club (Angie Milcarek and Kathleen Kokot, Bibich, $700) Students with special needs use the Shurley Method to learn grammar concepts.

Quizzing Kahler’s Current Collection (Barbara Kovach, Kahler, $345) Accelerated Reader quizzes are purchased for books in the Kahler library.

PSAT Prep Project (Penny Tokoly, LCHS, $940) A PSAT preparation class begins at Lake Central High School.

Reader/Science Club (Diane Kowalski and Laurie Corman, Bibich, $500) Science­ related books are added to the Accelerated Reader program.

Reader to Writer Club 2 (Sheila Huffman and Laurie Corman, Bibich, $500) Biography selections are added to the Accelerated Reader program.

Rosetta Stone Software (Debra Rouston, Homan, $530) Rosetta Stone Explorer language-learning software is installed in every classroom to help students new to the English language.

Science on the Go (Linda Powell, Bobbi Goins, and Karen Radencic, Watson, $845) Third graders take home inquiry-based science kits.

Showcasing LC Through Digital Photography (Laura Zeller, Sarah Drolen, Carrie Wadycki, and Diane Handley, LCHS, $1000) High school students use digital photography to create web pages, PowerPoint presentations, DVD Yearbook Scrapbook, Indian Insights cable show, and more.

SWAT – Students Working Against Teasing (Erin Spinks, Tim Doyle, Karen Bowman, Scott Graber, and Jack Thomas, Kahler, $285) A student group lobbies against teasing and bullying through videos and posters.

Number of Grants Funded: 15 – Amount: $5,000

Cumulative Grants Funded: 168 – Cumulative Amount: $94,557

Enriching the Reading Experience (Melody Wolff, Homan, $230) High-achieving first grade readers use a variety of activities to expand their skills.

Help Me Help My Child (Rita Evanson, Watson, $410) First graders use cross curricular take-home learning packs.

I Love to Read (Patti Graham, Peifer, $130) At-risk students develop a love for reading at school and at home.

Input Technologies (Kathy Rosinski, Sally Wilkins, Rita Chavez, Cyndi Langford, LCHS, $420) High school students learn to use input technologies, such as voice recognition, personal digital assistants, and scanners.

Interdepartmental Logo Design Unit (Maureen Yaeger, Jereme Rainwater, Vivian Velasco, LCHS, $490) High school students experience communication skills necessary between artist, business student, and printing technologist to create a logo design.

It’s A Mystery (Brenda Kovich, Patti Nuzzo, Mari-Jo Olenik, Gretchen Pishkur, Judy Simanson, Watson, $275) Fourth graders explore a variety of mysteries and solve a simulated whodunit.

Math Masters (Angie Milcarek, Dee Meeker, Kathleen Kokot, Bibich, $335) Students with special needs receive reinforcement and enrichment in mathematics.

Mrs. Walczak’s Book Bags (Caryn Walczak, Bibich, $170) Students read outside of school to develop a love for reading, while improving reading and comprehension skills.

Paperback Readers (Barbara Kovach, Kahler, $165) Accelerated Reader quizzes for paperback books are made available to middle school students.

Seussentennial (Mari-Jo Smith, Pat Smith, and Brenda Kovich, Watson School, and Pam Neth, LCHS, $365) Elementary students enjoy dramatizations of popular Seuss stories presented by high school students, listen to guest readers, explore themes of various Dr. Seuss books, and watch a biography of Theodore Geisel.

Supporting Soldiers (Julie Moore, Linda Hensley, Steve Starcevich, Donna Spivak, Paula Vela, Watson, $470) Fifth grade students correspond with military personnel.

Tangrams for Today (Robert Gustas, Grimmer, $165) Middle school students use tangrams to visualize and solve problems.

Teaching with Touch (Cheryl Pergher, Kolling, $500) TouchMath provides a viable tool to remediate and enrich math skills.

Trailblazers (Nancy Wilk, Emily Mavrek, Bibich, $500) The historical journey and cultural discoveries of Lewis and Clark are recreated through integration within the music and art curriculum.

Writing Roundup (Kelly Dobias, Peifer, $375) – Kindergarten students have numerous opportunities to focus on words and print at an independent writing center.

Number of Grants Funded: 15 – Cumulative Grants Funded: 183

Amount: $11,315 – Cumulative Amount: $105,872

Author! Author! (Michael Ritchie and Barb Kovach, Kahler, $1275) Current reference materials allow middle school students to research and create products related to their favorite authors.

Books Ahoy! (Jamie Cole, Sher Cosgrove, Jacque Dywan, Renee LamChi, Kim Udchitz, and Beth Langton, Homan, $500) Second grade students take home literacy bags packed with storybooks, puppets, laminated question sheets, and other manipulatives.

Celebrate America (Karen Semancik, Kolling, $870) Fifth grade students design, create, and assemble historical floats for a patriotic parade in conjunction with a unit on elections.

Digi-Block Manipulatives (Micheline Beattie, Protsman, $870) Students with learning disabilities use digi-blocks, array platforms, number lines, and place value mats to represent whole numbers, decimals, and fractions to understand math concepts.

Establishing Parent Partnerships with High-Risk Kindergartners (Diane Richardson, Homan, $400) Teachers reach out to kindergarten parents by providing developmentally appropriate, hands-on reading and literacy activities at home.

Fabulous, Fun-to-Read Fiction Favorites (Judy Toczek, Watson, $1385) Second and third grade students are encouraged to read a series of novels by five authors: Barbara Parks, David Adler, Ron Roy, Cynthia Rylant, and Mary Pope Osborne.

Having Fun While Enhancing the Indiana State Standards (Justine Kasch, Watson, $500.00) Take-home totes will expose first grade students to many different formats of reading material and help build language skills.

Help Me Help My Child (Rita Evanson, Watson, $500) A cross-curricular program featuring take-home learning packs and science activity tubs is available to families of first and second graders.

Individualizing and Assessing Cardiovascular Fitness (Claudia Triplo, Peifer, $915) In gym class, children monitor and assess their fitness level using heart rate monitors.

It’s In the Bag (Cheryl Pergher and Terri Kopanda, Kolling, $500) Thematically prepared bags address first grade educational standards by providing soft-cover books, manipulatives, activity cards, and puppets for take-home use.

Making Lists and Checking Them Twice (Barbara Kovach, Mike Ritchie, and Laura Bloom-Johnson, Kahler, $710) Middle school students read books from the Young Hoosier Book Awards list and vote for their favorites. Accelerated Reader tests are made available for YHBA and Book Fair books.

Making Math Meaningful and FUNctional (Christine Ekaitis, Homan, $630) Math manipulatives, literature, and problem-solving activities will create a connection between concrete and abstract mathematical concepts for fourth grade students.

Math Wizards II (Angie Milcarek, Dee Meeker, and Kathleen Kokot, Bibich $390) Students in the special education program add, subtract, and complete story problems using Touch Point Kits.

Scientific Discoveries (Alison Gercken, Lynn Makely, Jessica Niemeyer, Stacey Schwuchow and Kathy Binole, Peifer, $1495) Animal classification cards, a big screen microscope, magnetic wands, weather equipment, an inflatable solar system and much more will allow scientific discoveries for first graders.

Stations (Caryn Walczak, Bibich, $375) Third grade students will rotate through five hands-on learning stations each week.

Number of Grants Funded: 13 –  Amount: $5,060

Cumulative Grants Funded: 196 – Cumulative Amount: $110,93

Above the Box: Accelerated Reader Books and Quizzes for Higher Level Readers (Barbara Kovach, Kahler, $345) High-level novels and AR quizzes are added to the Kahler library.

Building the Beginning Bridges (Rita Evanson, Watson, $345) Second grade students read myths and legends from countries around the world.

Community Voices Read and Students Succeed (Julie Natt, Watson, $435) Community members record favorite stories on audiotape for second grade students.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi (Barbara Kovach, Kahler, $440) Kahler Middle School adds fantasy and science fiction novels and Accelerated Reader quizzes to its library.

Graphic Novels: The Newest Library Superheroes (Barbara Kovach, Kahler, $395) Graphic novels, the latest incarnation of comic books, encourage middle school students to read.

Home Reading Program (Lore Scheidt, Protsman, $470) First graders take home cassette tapes and books to practice reading.

Learning About Our Town (Pat Biancardi, Homan, $160) Third, fourth, and fifth grade classes learn about the town using Schererville Through the Ages.

Literature Program to Foster and Encourage Reading through Discussion Groups (Marcia Gorelick, Freshmen Center, $500) Ninth grade students read a series of novels, participate in discussion groups, and make presentations.

Math Explorers After School Club (Janice Malchow, Nancy Mackowiak, and Diane Fear, Bibich, $260) Second grade students receive extra math instruction after school with the help of Lake Central’s National Honor Society.

Math Masters III (Angie Milcarek, Bibich, $500) Math kits provide extra assistance for special education students.

Science Sacks (Susan Spicer, Peifer, $500) Each week, second graders conduct science experiments at home.

Student Authors (Ellen O’Rourke, Bibich, $400) Fourth grade students write books and create educational games.

Students Growing up in a Paperless Society (Mary Dunlop, Watson, $310) The Watson newsletter is posted on-line each month.

Number of Grants Funded: 12 – Amount: $14,115

Cumulative Grants Funded: 208 – Cumulative Amount: $125,047

Connecting the Dots (Eric Bushong, LCHS, $2,150) Our schools and community are united under one common theme: astronomy. LCHS astronomy and photography students explore space using new telescopes, partner with the Calumet Astronomical Society, and provide community stargazing events.

Flexible Hi-Tech Teaching (Dan Stout, Grimmer, $375) This project creates front-row learning experiences during Technology Education laboratory demonstrations. Students create computer-designed illustrations, computer-measured working drawings, wood and metal projects safely.

Hands-on, Minds-on Science (Julie Natt, Watson, $750.00) Science teaching is enhanced through focus on big ideas, hands-on experiments, providing trade books, giving choices, group work, and daily writing with Science Centers and Scientist for a Day.

I Do and I Understand (Rita Evanson, Watson, $750) Second grade students access hands-on science and math materials combined with language and reading experiences.

Input Technologies II (Kathy Rosinski, LCHS, $1,190) Keyboarding students dictate to train software, dictate actual business applications, use graphic tablets and digital pens.

It’s the Little Things that Count (Kelly Bell & Cindy Walsh, Protsman, $1,000) Microscope­ based experiments allow students to better understand their environment.

LCTV in the Digital Era (Laura Zeller, LCHS, $2,700) Students in Video Production and DVD Yearbook classes use the latest digital camcorders and digital media for producing Indian Insights News, DVD yearbook, cable show, and special segments.

Panther Productions Theater Company (Julie Ason, Protsman, $600) Protsman students have the opportunity to perform the musical School House Rock! Junior.

Rebuilding the Drama Department (Trishanne Parish and Amy Sutton, Grimmer, $3,000) Students and teachers resurrect the old stage, add lighting and a curtain for various middle school productions.

RoboChallenge (Silvana Morgan, Protsman, $400) A robotics team designs, builds, and programs LEGO robots to solve a thematic challenge and participate in the Purdue 2005 RoboChallenge Competition.

Super Supplements for Saxon (Kate Waechter, Kolling, $300.00) Activities solidify, enrich, and extend the third-grade math curriculum.

Young Hoosier Book Award Program (Judy Toczek, Watson, $900) Watson students help choose the Young Hoosier Book Award winners by reading books from a list of twenty nominated titles and voting for their favorite.

Number of Grants Funded: 8 – Amount: $3,370

Cumulative Grants Funded: 219 – Cumulative Amount: $128,417

Eyes on the Copy Is Still the Rule (Kathy Rosinski, Sally Wilkins, Rita Chavez, Cyndi Hurley, and Todd Iwema, LCHS, $500) High school keyboarding students will use keyboarding covers to gain self-confidence in mastering the skill.

Literacy Connections (Alison Gercken, Kathy Binole, Stacey Schwuchow, Lynn Makely, and Jessica Niemeyer, Peifer, $490) First grade students connect reading, writing, and phonetic processes through a small-group framework.

The New In’s and Out’s of the Food Pyramid (Chris Bruns and Vivian Velasco, LCHS, $400) High school students will learn to balance meals and follow daily nutritional needs using the new food pyramid.

Reading Fitness (Patti Graham, Peifer, $405) This program is designed to help at-risk first graders develop a love for reading. The “trainees” read at their own level and are encouraged to share their reading at home.

Relighting the Indian Stage (Raymond Palasz, LCHS, $500) In partnership with the LC theater, band, and choir, the Lake Central Education Foundation will replace six old (1960’s) lighting instruments with newer, more reliable fixtures.

Tutoring Tykes (Michele Wisowaty, Kolling, $415) Kindergarten students will use teacher-made kits for individualized tutoring in language arts and mathematics.

Using Picture Books to Teach/Learn the Elements of Writing (Karen Kinney and Laurie Corman, Bibich, $500) Through a workshop, teachers will learn to use picture books to model writing skills.

Walk Off Planet (Rita Evanson, Watson, $160) Second grade students will simulate the distance between the planets. On the playground they will unroll yards of rope and attach their planets at appropriate intervals. What a surprise that Pluto is 101.5 yards away!

Number of Grants Funded: 14 – Amount: $6,130

Cumulative Grants Funded: 233 – Cumulative Amount: $134,547

Book Bonanza (Karen Kinney and Laurie Corman, Bibich, $490) Students and teachers at Bibich will enjoy some of the best current literature for children.

Character and Responsibility Education (Cindy Sweeney, Homan, $500) Kindergartners will take home Care Packages with character education materials.

Eyes on the Copy Is Still the Rule Part II (Kathy Rosinski, Sally Wilkins, Rita Chavez, Cyndi Hurley, and Todd Iwema, LCHS, $495) Students will use keyboard covers to ensure that they can key documents without resorting to looking at their fingers.

Hatchet (Karen Gustafson, Kolling, $150) Fifth graders will read Gary Paulsen’s adventure fiction masterpiece, Hatchet.

Jump in and Read (Patti Graham, Peifer, $500) At-risk second graders will be provided with the jump-start they need to recapture reading skills lost during summer break.

Kindergarten Shared Book Collection (Kelly Dobias and Laura Johnson, Peifer, $500) Teachers can select books for individual students using an organized set of leveled books and provide opportunities for students to increase their reading power.

Mic Up: Repairing Not Replacing (Raymond Palasz and Pamela Neth, LCHS, $450) Two LC Theater microphones will be repaired by replacing the power packs and radio transmitters, as well as repairing the wires.

Number the Stars (Karen Gustafson, Kolling, $160) Fifth graders will read the Newberry Award Winner Number the Stars to learn more about World War II and the Holocaust.

Planting the Seeds of Learning (Jan Hines, Kolling, $500) A greenhouse will be erected on school grounds for student use.

RTI Integration (Stacey Schwuchow, Alison Gercken, Lynn Makely, Jessica Niemeyer, and Kathy Binole, Peifer, $500) At-risk first graders reading students will benefit from small group instruction, regular assessments, and individualized intervention remediation.

SCIENCE The Excitement of Discovery! (Susan Torres, Bibich, $500) The Digitalblue Computer Microscope will bring technology and science alive in this second grade classroom.

See It – Believe It (Rita Evanson, Watson, $410) Second grade students will use a three­ way classroom microscope, slides, and a big screen microscope to investigate their world.

Sensational Science (Julie Ason, Protsman, $480) Science, technology, reading and writing will be combined to engage primary students in science.

What Do I Do Now? (Karen Semancik, Kolling, $495) Fifth grade students will utilize a variety of software programs for enrichment.

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