Here is a breakdown of Grant Rounds 51 – 60 Recipients.

Number of Grants Funded: 9 – Cumulative Grants Funded: 593

Amount: $3,994.89 – Cumulative Amount: $299,286.35

Impacting Approximately 759 Students


  1. Students will be employing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), cooperatively using problem solving strategies to design and construct a variety of devices.
  2. Root Robot is from the company iRobot, and it will be used in the classroom for the students to watch their code go from something on a computer screen to a creation on the whiteboard or music notes in the air playing to the class.
  3. Students will have a variety of high interest books to read at their independent reading level.
  4. Coding with Cue robots allows students to code robots using a series of tasks to be completed while working in cooperative groups and solving problems to engage in 21st century learning.
  5. Four classes of 3rd graders will use the 3 sets of Fraction Tower Cubes for hands-on investigations for fractions and equivalent fractions.  The towers can be also used to convert fractions to decimals for enrichment.
  6. The addition of the Tower Garden Growing System at TAP will encourage discovery and critical thinking by providing the healthy essentials (fruit and vegetables) to help teach health, wellbeing, independence, job skills, and the environment with state accredited curriculum.
  7. “Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel.”  These words spoken by Socrates truly illustrate what I want to accomplish with using Socratic Seminars to guide and deepen my students’ learning throughout our Holocaust study.  Rather than just having them sit in the classroom as passive learners, I want them to become involved and engaged, sparking their own learning paths.
  8. Grant funds will be used to purchase copies of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in order to help students improve overall well-being and mental/emotional health and provide them with lessons in powerful change.
  9. Second-grade students at Peifer Elementary School will be able to read and play written drum music; they will be able to follow songs and play with a steady beat.

Number of Grants Funded: 4 – Cumulative Grants Funded: 597/strong>

Amount: $3,994.89 – Cumulative Amount: $301,077.09

Impacting Approximately 156 Students


  1. The Lake Central Robotics Team teaches high school students fundamental skills that can be used in the workforce and in STEM fields.
  2. With the creation of this space, there is a direct correlation to what we have been working on at the middle school level with advisory.  This continues some of those same key concepts and intertwines it to be a part of my language arts classroom.  Aside from the many benefits for the students, I will reap the benefits of mindfulness as well.  I will also be planting the seed of mindfulness right now, and it will stay with my students for their entire lives.
  3. The Core Vocabulary Fun Kit will help students in Homan’s Applied Skills classrooms learn to use functional core vocabulary words while playing with their peers and teachers.
  4. These nonfiction short passages will be used to assist in teaching comprehension and vocabulary skills to first graders.

July 21, 2020

Dear Dr. Veracco and Mrs. Mucha,

The Lake Central Education Foundation Grant Round 53 has been modified from the August 13, 2020, Board meeting.  The Lake Central EducationFoundation Board voted to help all teachers in the district during this unprecedented time.  

With the information gathered from Mrs. Mucha the LCEF Board decided the corporation could use bottles of hand sanitizer and plastic spray bottles to be filled with disinfectant for each room.

The LCEF Grant Round 53 is releasing $5,000.00 to the Lake Central School Corporation.  The funds should be divided proportionally depending on the total staff in the corporation’s 10 schools, TAP, and Campagna.  

It is our understanding that the LCEF donation will be put on the Lake Central School Board agenda for August 3, 2020, for approval.  Thank you.


The Lake Central Education Foundation Board

– – –

Louise Tallent, Co-President

Susan Schweitzer, Co-President

Melody Wolff, Vice President and Grants Chair

Mike Seljan, Treasure

Joanna Erickson, Secretary

Number of Grants Funded: 7 – Cumulative Grants Funded: 604

Amount: $2,024.24 – Cumulative Amount: $303,101.33

Impacting Approximately 1,099 Students


  1. Creating confidence through an elementary resistance-band workout emphasizing (a) improvement of muscular strength and endurance, while (b) learning to control the weight of the body with proper technique, and (c) making resistance training fun.
  2. Second-grade students and third-grade students at Peifer Elementary School will be able to fully realize learned drum skills by playing an authentic snare drum at the end of each music lesson.
  3. Paper Circuits will enhance outside-the-box thinking in the Bibich Library.
  4. Literacy Workshop is designed to actively engage 2nd grade students and promote independent readers and writers.
  5. Positive Movement Paths will be created at Clark Middle School to help students with self regulation.
  6. Without the crutch of a cover by which to judge the interest level of a book, students can discover many great titles they can complete and enjoy.
  7. The goal of Laugh Out Loud Learners! is for all students in a second grade classroom to be exposed to and read the comedy genre at differentiated reading levels and to become “silly scholars” with reading strategies used to navigate through their humorous fiction books.

Number of Grants Funded: 4 – Cumulative Grants Funded: 604

Amount: $1,761.56 – Cumulative Amount: $310,349.86

Impacting Approximately 1,087 Students


  1. Soccer is a great way to work on balance, teamwork, footwork, spatial awareness and so much more.  This will enable Homan students to have updated, safe equipment with which to thoroughly enjoy the sport!
  2. I plan to add to and update my classroom library with the use of book clubs and first chapter Fridays to fit the needs of my current (and future) students, which in turn, will foster independent readers who are successful in all aspects of life.
  3. Creating confidence, sparking creative thinking and decision making skills through the use of a variety of adaptable balls during elementary physical education activities.
  4. The funds are for our Project LIT group.  I will be able to use these funds for books and materials for activities.

Number of Grants Funded: 10 – Cumulative Grants Funded: 614

Amount: $6,327.06 – Cumulative Amount: $316,676.84

Impacting Approximately 1,575 Students


  1. In order to provide the students with a more realistic and hands-on experience, I am asking that a class set of Arduino boards be purchased that will be used with all Computer Science I students following Indiana University’s Computer Science curriculum.
  2. I am looking to encourage individualized reading through implementation of “First Chapter Friday” in my 4th grade classroom.
  3. The goal of Cooperative Learning Literature Circles is for all students in a second grade classroom to be exposed to and read the I CAN READ book series at differentiated reading levels. Also, students will grow as Literature Circles group members working together to discuss books in depth with each other while using reading strategies to grow as stronger readers.
  4. Grant funds will be used for purchasing sequels and additional books in the series for those novels we read in class as part of the curriculum, including Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie, Out of My Mind, Gregor the Overlander, and The Giver to promote an excitement of reading in students and increase student engagement both in and out of the classroom.
  5. Words have a dramatic impact on what we know, how we interact with people, and the decisions we ultimately make. Words can influence us, inspire us, or just as easily bring us to tears. I want to be a facilitator of that power in a positive, productive way for my students with the use of a six-word “memoir”.
  6. Through years of experimentation, design, growth, and teamwork, Science Olympiad has become one of the most innovative ways to develop young leaders, like middle schoolers, who might have the chance to change our world all from the experiences they received here, at Clark Middle School, during Science Olympiad as early as 5th graders looking in, all the way up to the top, as 8th graders.
  7. Math stations with math games, manipulatives, and activities support learners’ interest and promote the development of more complex math skills and social interaction.
  8. Students will read biography books at their reading level and complete a research report (in Google Slides) based on their person of interest to present to their peers.
  9. The International Games and Activity Unit will enhance elementary physical education by connecting language arts, history, geography, and math with the physical skills and strategy of sports from around the world.
  10. Project LIT is a dynamic club of like-minded 7th and 8th grade reader leaders who wish to have fun reading, talking about and promoting books to students at Clark Middle School.

Matching Seed Grant

Emergency Buckets

A. This Seed Grant will help purchase supplies for emergency preparedness buckets for all the Lake Central School Corporation schools, staff, and students to be used in the event of a lockdown drill or another crisis.

Number of Grants Funded: 8 – Cumulative Grants Funded: 622

Amount: $5,226.12 – Cumulative Amount: $321,902.96

Impacting Approximately 1,014 Students

Number of Grants Funded: 7 – Cumulative Grants Funded: 629

Amount: $4,610.54 – Cumulative Amount: $336,513.50

Impacting Approximately 1,483 Students

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